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100 years of Dog Breeding Before And After

An oblong head, well-arched toes, a broad chest, and nostrils tilted downward at the tipwhat could be more attractive? This is the epitomeof beauty for Bull Terriers,at least according to dog show standards. Yet, the inner workings of purebred dogs … read more

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So Coconut Oil Is Actually Really, Really Bad For You

Youd be hard pressed to find someone who doesnt like coconuts. They are furry spheres of deliciousness, after all. Coconut water though is pointless it doesnt have any clear health benefits and its just a saltier version of normal water. … read more

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Kills 99% Of Germs: 6 Ad Phrases That Mean Literally Nothing

It’s easier to work a few hours, then wait in line for your nuts and berries, than it is to go out hunting and gathering for them (that’s two things! That’s one thing too many). Unfortunately, the berry salesmen learned … read more

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How Some Healthy Foods Can Be Bad For The Environment

Vegetarians,put down your pitchforks. Meat-eaters, less of the smug grin. Yes, this article is about some of the environmental issues associated with vegetable-rich diets within the U.S., but it is not an attack on the ethics-drivendietary choices of people and … read more