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Is vitamin D really a cure-all and how should we get our fix?

Evidence is growing that the sunshine vitamin helps protect against a wide range of conditions including cancers Vitamin D is having quite a moment. In the past few months, evidence has been growing that the sunshine vitamin not only has … read more

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23 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Marijuana

States around the country — 29 of them, plus Washington DC — have legalized medical marijuana.  The American public largely supports the legalization of medical marijuana. At least 84% of the public believes the drug should be legal for medical … read more

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14 Of The Biggest Myths About Sleep, Debunked

Until recently, scientists had trouble answering the question: why do we sleep? Now we know that sleep restores the immune system, body, and cleanses the brain. But there’s still a lot we get wrong and don’t understand about sleep. The … read more

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Google just gave everyone a great reason to use iMessage apps

iMessage just got even more useful.Image: lili sams /Mashable Multi-taskers, rejoice:  Google just made it a lot easier to search while texting with friends. The company just introduced an update that adds an iMessage extension to Google’s iOS app. This … read more

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Google testing new Material design for search results, says report

Image: torsten silz/af/getty images Google search results — one of the most often used tools on the internet — may soon get a new look.  Spotted by Reddit user DiscombobulatedLead, Google is apparently testing new kind of search-results page that’s … read more

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Anderson Silva pulled from UFC’s first China card after another failed drug test

The former UFC middleweight champions career is in jeopardy after being flagged for a potential anti-doping violation ahead of UFC Fight Night 122 Anderson Silvas career is in jeopardy after the former UFC middleweight champion failed a Usada out-of-competition drug … read more