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Curvy swimsuit model cyberbullied over revealing Instagram photo

Plus size model Alexa Phelece routinely uses her Instagram to post body positive shots of herself in swimsuits and curve-hugging fashions. Through her posts and uplifting messages, Phelece has grown her following to nearly 80K. However, her largely supportive fans … read more

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The $37 Billion Supplement Industry Is Barely Regulated And It’s Allowing Dangerous Products To Slip Through The Cracks

The $37 billion supplement industry is largely unregulated Some supplements (a category that includes vitamins and herbs) can be dangerous and have been linked with ER visits and death The FDA is currently recalling supplements found to be contaminated with banned drugs and bacteria New … read more

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George Michael’s new single gave Nile Rodgers ‘mixed feelings’ – BBC News

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionChris Evans introduces the world premiere of George Michael’s first posthumous single Producer Nile Rodgers has admitted to feeling “uncertainty” about working on George Michael’s new single. Fantasy, a remix of a … read more

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A Cup Of Coffee Before The Gym Can Make Your Workout More Enjoyable, But There’s A Catch

If you’re a frequent gym-goer, I’m willing to bet that you’ve probably seen that chick who strolls into the weight room with her giant Starbucks cup in hand, or the dude with the hefty coffee mug sitting alongside him as … read more

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Kills 99% Of Germs: 6 Ad Phrases That Mean Literally Nothing

It’s easier to work a few hours, then wait in line for your nuts and berries, than it is to go out hunting and gathering for them (that’s two things! That’s one thing too many). Unfortunately, the berry salesmen learned … read more

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Read the Fine Print on the $475,000 Price of a Cancer Breakthrough

It's been an historic week for cancer treatment.  Kicking it off, Gilead Sciences Inc. bought Kite Pharma Inc., a pioneer in "CAR-T" cell therapy, which uses a patient's immune cells to potentially eradicate blood cancers with just one treatment. And on Wednesday, … read more