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Reality Check: Is NHS funding worse in Wales?

Between 2009-10 and 2012-13, health spending was cut in real terms by about 3.6% in Wales. During the same period, the English health budget was increasing, albeit at under 1% a year in real terms, which was less than the … read more

Prostate Surgery

Heart attack care ‘unequal for women’

They found women were on average less likely than men to receive the recommended treatments after a potentially fatal type of heart attack called a STEMI. This is the most serious type of heart attack where the coronary artery is … read more

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What should we have the right to know about a president’s health?

(CNN)On Friday, at the age of 71, President Trump is undergoing his first-known health physical since taking office, and observers are hoping it will shed light on both his physical and mental health. On the issue of mental health, the … read more

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Anderson Silva pulled from UFC’s first China card after another failed drug test

The former UFC middleweight champions career is in jeopardy after being flagged for a potential anti-doping violation ahead of UFC Fight Night 122 Anderson Silvas career is in jeopardy after the former UFC middleweight champion failed a Usada out-of-competition drug … read more